NDP still ahead of Liberals by 7 per cent in B.C., 10 per cent in Metro Vancouver






PREMIER Christy Clark sure disgraced herself by resorting to what I consider to be a highly unethical tactic: Buying an ad on the front cover of the 24 Hours newspaper to deceive voters. This is a clear reminder to voters of the lies that former premier Gordon Campbell told them election after election that culminated in the HST outrage.
The front page ad featured a beaming Clark, calling her the “Comeback Kid” and stating: “POLL: Christy Clark stands tall in debate” and “ELECTION Premier Christy Clark’s campaign to control spending and grow the economy for a Debt-Free BC is gaining traction with BC families.”
In the bottom strip, the ad used one of the questions from an Ipsos Reid poll that was conducted after the TV debate – Which leader looked and sounded most like a Premier? – in which she scored higher than NDP Leader Adrian Dix: Clark – 44 per cent, Dix – 32 per cent.
The words “PAID ADVERTISEMENT” were written just below the 24 Hours logo on the top strip above Clark’s photo, which could easily be overlooked or misunderstood by readers.
In my opinion, that itself was unethical on the part of that newspaper. Asian Journal would NEVER allow such an ad.
In fact, SFU Communications Professor Robert Hackett said the paid advertisement is understandably controversial.
“Some years ago, it was unusual for newspapers to have any advertising on their front page,” said Hackett. “The introduction of front-page wraps raised many eyebrows when they began to appear, but generally their design distinguished them from news stories. The front-page publication of a political ad that looks like a news story takes the long-standing tension between commercial pressures and journalistic integrity one step further.”
But as has become so common with the dishonest campaign that Clark and her Liberals are waging, she did not have the guts to give the figures that really mattered.
So how can anyone trust Clark and her “Today’s Liberals” who are really “Yesterday’s Liberals.”
But what Clark didn’t mention was that the very same poll also said that the person who won the debate was Dix (35 per cent) and NOT Clark (30 per cent).
Dix (37 per cent) was also selected as the leader who “had the best ideas and policies,” followed by Christy Clark (24%).
Dix (32%) was also selected as the leader who “was the most believable,” followed by Green Party Leader Jane Sterk (24%) and then Christy Clark (21%).
Clark (50%) was selected as the leader who “was the best speaker,” followed by Adrian Dix (23%).
Strek (33%) narrowly beat Christy Clark (31%) as the leader who “was the most likeable.” Adrian Dix was next best at 21%.


THE Angus Reid Public Opinion poll for CTV and The Globe and Mail conducted on May 1 and 2 after the TV debate that shows that the gap between the Liberals and the NDP is now only seven points, although that would still allow the NDP to form the next provincial government.
The poll shows that the NDP are at 41 per cent while the Liberals are at 34 per cent, with the Green Party at 12 per cent and the B.C. Conservatives at 10 per cent.  The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 per cent.
Analysts think that Clark’s scare tactics and constant repetition of lies against the NDP about mismanagement of the economy might have scared some voters, especially people over 55.
The poll suggests Clark is now graded as best able to handle the economy. And for the first time in more than a year, the Liberals are ahead of the NDP in the Southern Interior by 42 per cent to 29 per cent.
But in vote-rich Metro Vancouver, the NDP has a solid lead of 10 points: 45 to 35 per cent.
We will have to wait and see what polls have to say next week to find out what really is happening.
But one thing sure is clear: Clark is AS DIRTY AS former premier Gordon Campbell in politics!


THE NDP on Wednesday were quick to point out the usual distortions in the latest Liberal TV ad:


TV ad claim: “I am absolutely determined to keep government spending under control.”
Fact: Since Christy Clark became Premier two years ago, she increased spending by $2.6 billion or 6.3%. That’s more than double the two-year period before she became Premier.


TV ad claim: The BC Liberals are not leaving “a mountain of debt.”
Fact: Since Christy Clark became Premier, the BC Liberals added $11 billion to the debt and plan to add another $13 billion more in the next 3 years.


TV ad claim: Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are “holding the line on taxes.”
Fact: the BC Liberals increased taxes in their 2013 Budget: personal income tax on high income earners and the corporate income tax will increase on January 1, 2014.


TV ad claim: The BC Liberals are “leaving our children a world of opportunity.”
Fact: Since Clark launched the BC Jobs Plan, the province has lost 34,800 private sector jobs and has one of the worst job growth records in Canada.