Photo: Ellen Close and Praneet Akilla. Photo by David Cooper

Fatal Attraction!

Be careful what you wish for. Strange bedfellows sneak up on you in the well-intentioned expertly acted Cipher. Again, the Arts Club succeeds in keeping you on edge in this classy whodunnit now enthralling audiences on the Granville Island stage. This world premiere is a must for theatre aficionados looking for suspense and heated relationships.
Story-line matters. Timely and on target is this two-hour mystery that looks at a cold case most foul. Lots of soul-searching comes into play as a university prof and her engaged student embark on solving a seemingly impossible crime that took place in 1956 on Beacon Hill Victoria. My how tangled a web Dr. Grace Godard and Aqeel Saleemi weave. Together Ellen Close and Praneet Akilla turn up the heat as they try to piece together why a man turned up dead and exactly what happened a long time ago on Vancouver Island.
Somehow in their behind the scenes non sanctioned investigation some higher-ups notice their prying. Enter a government official determined to see what the pair are up to. Hence the tension ramps up to the boiling point as second-guessing and ulterior motives become contagious. Cast as investigator extraordinaire Clive is Braden Griffiths who adds some much-appreciated dark humour to this sizzling escapade.
Director Craig Hall pulls off a uniquely original story that would make fans of C.S.I. Proud. Based on a unique story from Close and Griffiths there is tension aplenty in this tale along with some steamy scenes handled with sensuality and finesse. Geared towards a mature crowd Cipher has what it takes to keep you on edge throughout .

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Cipher plays at the Arts club Granville Island Main Stage until March 7, 2020