Burnaby: The City of Burnaby has formally requested the National Energy Board (NEB) to reject the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project on the basis that it contains neither the information needed for the NEB to make an informed decision nor sufficient information for the public to understand and analyze the impacts of the Project and does not comply with NEB rules.
Kinder Morgan is proposing to almost triple – to 890,000 barrels per day – the amount of oil coming into our city. That’s enough oil each day to fill 56 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
“They’re telling our citizens that they have operated the pipeline safely for 60 years, in spite of the fact that there has been more than one spill in Burnaby — the most recent of which, in 2007, devastated a Burnaby neighbourhood and damaged Burrard Inlet habitat with a mere 1,500 barrels of oil. We do not ever want to have to deal with the consequences of the kind of spill this new pipeline and the new storage tanks could cause.
If Kinder, Morgan doesn’t know yet where it is going, and hasn’t done the necessary studies, it is simply too soon to go to the NEB, and unfair to Burnaby’s citizens to require us to guess,” says the Mayor.”
“They seem to assume that the city will be able to manage these emergencies,” says Mayor Corrigan. “In fact, however, the city has neither the capacity to nor information on how to respond to such emergencies for these new facilities.”