Lambert Chu
Lambert Chu

Burnaby: On Thursday, the City of Burnaby announced they have not received willingness from the people residing at Underhill and Shellmont at what has become known as “Camp Cloud”, to comply with the notice to remove all illegal structures, fires and facilities, and to comply with City Bylaws.

The City of Burnaby has worked progressively since April to seek levels of cooperation from Camp Cloud including through dialogue, informal requests and bylaw notices. The Burnaby Fire Chief has also had discussions with the camp occupants and issued a notice to remove the fire on June 12.

Camp Cloud requested a meeting with the City on Monday, July 23, but did not attend and wanted to postpone the meeting. “Based on actions and public statements made by Camp Cloud in the past week, there is unfortunately no willingness to comply with notices served to protect the safety of our City, other properties and that of our residents,” said Burnaby City Manager, Lambert Chu.

“The City will now seek an order in the BC Supreme Court that will empower them to enforce bylaw notices that were served on July 18, requiring the removal of buildings and trailers unlawfully on the site. The City will not seek to prevent peaceful protest activities during the day by the individuals at Camp Cloud provided no unlawful structures, fires and other overnight camping facilities are present,” concluded Chu.

The City of Burnaby continues to tolerate the right to peaceful protest as long as it does not do so at the expense of public safety or the rights and expectations of residents who are affected. During this time of protest on Burnaby Mountain, the City has worked daily to mitigate impacts, as each new one is identified and imposed upon our citizens, or upon the safety of our community. This action does not impact the Watch House which is sponsored by the First Nations and environmental organizations, who have collectively attempted to work with the city on safety and neighbour concerns.

The City discourages any vigilante actions and irresponsible actions that can endanger public safety. The City asks everyone to exercise patience, to keep the peace and avoid actions which can endanger public safety.

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The City continues to participate in court challenges to government decisions that allow the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline and tank farm expansion. The City’s opposition is rooted in the fact that the new facilities would cause significant negative impacts for residents.