Councillor Laurie Guerra, Mayor Doug McCallum and Jason Wolfe, Director of Energy Solutions with Fortis BC, reveal the energy savings achieved through recent projects on July 12, 2019, at the Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex.

Surrey: Mayor Doug McCallum and FortisBC were joined by members of the community today at the Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex to announce the results of installing energy-efficient equipment at Civic facilities. 


“The City of Surrey has been a leader in energy consumption and the reduction of emissions,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “We have been investing in high-efficiency equipment upgrades to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across the City. Our goal is to provide our community with state-of-the-art facilities that are accountable to our long-term climate action commitments, while delivering a significant cost savings to City operations. I want to thank FortisBC for working with us as a strategic partner to advance these goals through their financial support and incentives.”


“City of Surrey provides an excellent example of how installing high-efficiency natural gas systems is an affordable and effective way to help municipalities work towards their climate goals,” said Danielle Wensink, Director of Conservation and Energy Management, with FortisBC. “Supporting municipalities in reducing their energy use is just one of the ways we’re contributing to a lower carbon future and delivering on our Clean Growth Pathway, our plan to help the province achieve its climate goals.”


Nine energy-efficient installations were made across the City, resulting in both a $17,000 annual savings, and an emissions reduction equivalent of driving a gasoline-powered car between Vancouver and Montreal over 150 times each year. Upgrades and installations included new energy-efficient boilers at the Museum of Surrey and Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex, as well as a new water heater

at the Surrey Fire Training Centre. Additional upgrades were made to City heating plants that will connect to the Surrey City Energy system in the future. 


By choosing high-efficiency systems for these projects, the City is expected to lower greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 154 tonnes.  As part of their programs to help customers reduce energy use, FortisBC contributed a total of $104,064 in incentives to support the cost of these upgrades.  In addition, FortisBC funds a Climate and Energy Analyst at the City who helps find energy and cost savings at

City facilities.


FortisBC recently received approval by the BC Utilities Commission to triple its investment in its natural gas energy-efficiency programs over the next four years, bringing its annual spending on these programs to more than $96 million by 2022. This makes sure funding is available to support even more projects like the ones recently completed by the City of Surrey.


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