gregor-robertsonAfter only three years, the City of Vancouver has achieved 98% of its four-year target to create 1,000 new childcare spaces across the city. This target represents a record investment from the City to expand childcare options in Vancouver and provide much-needed support for families with young children living in Vancouver.

A total of 78 childcare spaces opened their doors in 2017, with City Council approving a further 106 new spaces, and 111 more spaces are set to open this year in Marpole, Kitsilano and Downtown. In just three years, the City has delivered 982 of its four-year target of 1,000 new child care spaces.

“I’m pleased that the City is set to surpass our goal of one thousand new childcare spaces in Vancouver – our investment of $30M in the last capital plan was ten times the amount set aside in 2008,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson.

“We need to do all we can to make sure that families across our city have access to affordable and high-quality early education and childcare. This not only sets our kids up for success now and down the road, but it also provides more options for parents who are looking to re-enter the workforce. With a new BC government that has signalled they’re committed to investing in and expanding affordable childcare, I’m confident that we’re going to see a big boost for new childcare in the years ahead.”

“Vancouver is a leader across Canada in dedicating resources and remaining committed to working with community, the VSB, and developers to create licensed childcare spaces for families with young children,” said Sharon Gregson, Co-Chair, Vancouver Joint Childcare Council. “Now that the provincial government has signaled it will be making significant investments we can look forward to more opportunities for expansion and affordability.”

Additionally, the City of Vancouver recently partnered with the provincial government to fund three childcare projects that will create 175 new licensed spaces for children under three years old, as well as 50 replacement spaces for preschool and school-age care.

The 2018 City Budget, approved by Council on December 12th, 2017 provides $24 Million in childcare funding to go towards the construction of childcare projects in partnership with the Vancouver School Board, and opening new childcare facilities in Marpole, Kitsilano and Downtown Vancouver.