John Horgan with Aman Singh

Richmond: In the wake of questions about the cost estimates and risk of overruns on the George Massey tunnel replacement, Christy Clark’s government is hiding information on the risk assessment for the project.

“Christy Clark is more interested in protecting her political interests than in doing the right thing for British Columbians,” said Richmond-Queensborough NDP candidate Aman Singh. “If Christy Clark is confident in her cost estimates for this project, why is she hiding this information from the public?”

Last week, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie raised concerns about whether the project estimate accounts properly for the engineering risks associated with building in Richmond.

Project documents obtained by the BC NDP through freedom of information laws feature large sections blanked out, including: ‘Overview of Risks,’ ‘Risk Analysis,’ and ‘Financial Assumptions and Outlook.’

“This is a massive project, and an overrun would hurt British Columbians in the form of higher fees and less money for schools and hospitals,” said Singh. “It’s time for Christy Clark to put her political interests aside and come clean with British Columbians on the risks associated with this plan.”