Ottawa:  The Competition Bureau today provided a submission to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in response to its consultation on the review of wholesale mobile wireless services. In order to provide service to their customers, mobile wireless companies, particularly new entrants, may need to enter into arrangements with their competitors to obtain certain wholesale mobile wireless services.

The Bureau has submitted to the CRTC that Canada’s largest wireless companies have retail market power, which provides them with the ability to profitably maintain prices above competitive levels for a significant period of time. The Bureau is therefore recommending that the CRTC adopt measures to address the incentives Canada’s largest mobile wireless companies may have to raise their competitors’ wholesale prices as these increases may be passed on to consumers. The Bureau’s submission supports the establishment of regulatory measures if and where they are needed, to ensure that new entrants have access to the wholesale services they need to compete effectively in Canadian mobile wireless markets.