Peter Kent

Ottawa: The Honourable Peter Kent, Shadow Minister for Ethics, on Wednesday called on Raj Grewal, Liberal Member of Parliament for Brampton East, to resign his House of Commons seat:

“Today, Canadians learned from media reports that Raj Grewal abused his position on the powerful House of Commons Finance committee by asking self-serving questions about money laundering to senior officials in the RCMP and other law-enforcement agencies. These questions appear to be directly related to his gambling activities, for which he is currently under RCMP investigation. This is in addition to the Ethics Commissioner’s investigation launched earlier this year into his decision to bring his non-Parliamentary employer on Justin Trudeau’s trip to India.

“The Prime Minister’s Office has already changed its story once on the reasons behind Mr. Grewal’s supposed resignation and has remained silent while more details of his behavior and activities have emerged. Yesterday, we learned that Mr. Grewal has, in fact, not resigned as Member of Parliament, despite statements from the PMO and Government House Leader indicating he had.

“Members of Parliament must be held to the highest ethical standard. It’s clear from Mr. Grewal’s behavior that he has failed to live up to this standard and it’s also clear the Prime Minister has not been transparent about Mr. Grewal’s case.

“Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives demand the Prime Minister remove Mr. Grewal from the Liberal caucus, and join us in asking for his immediate and official resignation from the House of Commons.”

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