James Moore

FEDERAL Industry Minister James Moore, who is the MP for Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam, sure ended up looking pathetic after making DISGRACEFUL, indeed, CRUEL remarks about child poverty, then blatantly LYING about them (that his remarks had been taken completely out of context), and finally, when he realized they had been recorded and were being played all over, confessing he had made them – and then sounding like a TYPICAL HYPOCRITE by saying exactly the opposite of what he had blurted out initially.

Who in is proper mind could believe such a WEASEL!

Moore told News1130’s Sara Norman last Sunday that it is the responsibility of the provinces to deal with child poverty.

“Is it the government’s job — my job to feed my neighbour’s child? I don’t think so,” Moore said.

“Obviously nobody wants kids to go to school hungry … but is that always the government’s job? To be there to serve people their breakfast? Empowering families with more power and resources so they can feed their own children is I think a good thing,” he added.

The radio station reported that he said Ottawa is helping keep kids fed by creating more jobs after saying the country has never been wealthier.

REALLY, James?

You get a salary of $236,900 besides travel expenses of tens of thousands of dollars, secondary housing allowance, car allowance and so on – all at TAXPAYERS’ EXPENSE.

How much do the rest of us make?

NDP MP Jinny Sims lashed out at Moore on Monday, noting: “During the holidays many of us are looking to help our neighbours and those in need. For a Conservative minister to claim that child poverty isn’t his problem is heartless. Child poverty has continued to grow under this government, and now they’re saying it’s not their problem. The minister should apologize for these offensive comments.”

Sims then pointed out that instead of apologizing immediately for his heartlessness, Moore took to twitter attacking those who called him out for his comments.

She noted: “In 1989, the House of Commons passed a unanimous motion by former NDP MP Ed Broadbent “to seek to achieve the goal of eliminating poverty among Canadian children by the year 2000”. Unfortunately, successive Liberal and Conservative government have failed to act on this commitment.

“Stephen Harper even called the Broadbent motion the “high water mark of political stupidity in this country.”

“Since 1989 child poverty rates in Canada have risen from around 912,000 to 979,000 – meaning one in seven children are still living in low income households. In BRITISH COLUMBIA, where Moore and his neighbours live, the situation is even worse – ONE IN FIVE CHILDREN lives in poverty, the HIGHEST rate in Canada.” (Capitalization mine.)


MOORE finally gathered enough guts to confess his STUPIDITY.

He posted the following message on his website:

“In response to a question from a reporter last week, I made an insensitive comment that I deeply regret. I apologize.

“Caring for each other is a Canadian ethic that I strongly believe in – always have and always will.  Of course poverty is an issue that concerns me, and concerns all Canadians.  All levels of government, indeed all members of our society, have a responsibility to be compassionate and care for those in need.

“Great work has been done to tackle poverty and the challenges associated with poverty. And while more work is needed, I know the cause of fighting poverty is not helped by comments like those I made last week. For that, I am sorry.”

Vancouver Sun’s Stephen Hume (one of my favourite writers) hauled Moore over the coals in a brilliant piece titled: “Is it my job to feed my neighbour’s child? Yes, it is” on Wednesday.

He revealed what Moore earns (as mentioned above in this piece) and noted: “Alas, I wonder if the minister and his cabinet colleagues really do grasp the idea of poverty and what it does to people, especially people powerless to change their circumstances — small children, for example, who go to school without breakfast because mom, subsisting on a couple of part-time, minimum-wage jobs, has to make choices between paying the rent or buying more groceries. Why doesn’t she just get a better job? Here, for the industry minister’s benefit, is what the national organization of food banks says about that:

““The causes of low income are well known. Canada has lost thousands of well-paid blue-collar jobs over the past 30 years as manufacturing has fled to parts of the world where things can be made more cheaply. The jobs that have replaced them are more likely to be low-paid, part-time, and temporary.””

Now, do you REALLY understand the REAL problem here, James?