Matchmaker Matchmaker!

Crazy rich asiansAll marriages are not made in heaven. Big time jitters are nothing compared to the shenanigans facing a couple on the verge of tying the knot in Crazy Rich Asians. Like the comradely displayed in My Big Fat Greek Wedding you feel any ethnic group could face a similar dilemma when not all family members may be on the same page when it comes to wishing the potential husband and wife go down the altar. Watch the sparks fly furiously in a wicked Warner Brothers romantic comedy on view at Cineplex a Cinemas and Landmark Theatres across B.C.

Based on the hit international bestseller our storybook romance follows the plight of Rachel and Nick Young. Perfect casting sees Constance Wu play a pragmatic New York professor while Henry Golding plays the prospective beau. Be careful how you treat overs and be sure know the person you are dating. On paper and in realty together these two seem a perfect match. One of the best ways to get to know one another is by living under the same roof – or by going back on a trip.

Reluctant at first Rachel agrees to accompany Nick to a family wedding in Singapore. Little does she know that her boyfriend happens to be the heir to a future. Just how Nick breaks the news of his background provides lots of food for fodder as Rachel almost seems to be thrown to the wolves by Nick’s relatives.

Thoughtful and romantic this exceedingly smart comedy is set in Singapore and it wonderfully shows off this beautiful city’s captivating landmarks. By far the whole key to this satirical hit is the way the boyfriend’s mom reacts to his new lady love – Ken Jeong’s (The Hangover): comedy scene stealer notwithstanding. Once upon a time Bond squeeze Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) ices her portrayal as Eleanor Young – the ultimate dragon lady.

Over the top performances and a heart-felt emotional lesson that speaks volumes on how to treat others turns Crazy Rich Asians into a first-class romantic comedy that will leave you yearning for more. Can you say Crazy Rich Americans, or Italians, or Philippines or who fed. No matter what your culture this film resonates and strikes all the right chords warmly.