Harpreet Singh, Surrey Newton Conservative Candidate

Surrey: Crime has been a growing concern in the Surrey-Newton riding. A whopping 4,105 violent crimes have been reported so far this year. The number of robberies, sex crimes and assaults in Surrey increased 43 per cent in the first quarter of 2019 alone, according to an RCMP statement citing data from Statistics Canada. Many of these issues are connected to the ongoing and worsening opioid crisis plaguing the riding.

Harpreet Singh, Conservative Candidate for Surrey-Newton, has lived in this riding since he arrived in Canada in 2002, and shares his distress for public safety and the lack of concern from the current Member of Parliament and the Trudeau government.

“It’s absolutely appalling that our local MP speaks in the House of Commons for issues of no real importance but has yet to address resident concerns about the increasing number of homicides, the opioid crisis and crime rates in Surrey-Newton,” says Singh. “As a resident of this riding, safety is a major concern for my family as well as myself.”

Singh will be hosting a Town Hall on Crime & Public Safety on August 15 at Bombay Banquet Hall, located at 7475 135 St, Surrey at 6pm. Glen Motz, Deputy Shadow Minister for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, will be in attendance to hear citizens concerns on topics that will include Crime (homicides, assault, property damage, theft, mischief and more), the Opioid Crisis, and other Public Safety concerns.

“At this Town Hall, I hope to learn everyone’s concerns and opinions so that as a community, we can piece together a strategy that we can put into place,” says Singh. “It’s time for change, and a government that cares about communities. I encourage everyone to attend.”

This will be the second Town Hall being held by Singh. In July, he held a very successful Town Hall meeting addressing immigration issues that are affecting Newton residents.