RR Max Pancit PalabokRR Max SizzlingTofuSisig newIn 1945, after World War II, Maximo Glmenez, a Stanford-educated teacher, befriended American occupation troops stationed in Quezon City of Philippines. A few would come to his house for a drink or two; eventually they insisted that they pay for their meals. It was then that Maximo decided to open a café that served chicken, steak and drink or two. It was Ruby who concocted a special recipe for chicken. A recipe so delicious, tender juicy and crispy chicken that kept the G.I.s
coming back for more. Soon enough, it became a legend with the Filipino
public too.

Over the years, Max’s Restaurant’s
popularity grew and became known as “The House that Fried Chicken Built”, to date, Max’s operates over a hundred restaurants all over the Philippines, Aiming to be a competitive
international brand, Max’s expanded its operations overseas and now has branches in North America and the Middle East, Hoping to serve and bring this well over Filipino fried chicken recipe to the world’s discriminating palate.

All over the world they are known for their fried chicken but apart from
serving the best fried chicken they also have a huge selection of Philippine cuisine, they have their favorite Lumpiang Shanghai (egg rolls, delicious mix of ground pork and vegetables rolled on pastry wrapper and deep fried, served with sweet and sour soup, They serve typical Pilipino breakfast all day.

As you enter into the restaurant, it looks like a banquet hall with tastefully
displayed art work at the reception area and as you choose to sit where ever you please, everywhere you notice that its immaculate. You can book a dinning hall for up to 100 people for special event and altogether they have seating for almost 200 people.

I was seated by the window area, just off Kingsway, I was able to enjoy both worlds, inside watching the customers coming in and seated and outside
people passing by on Kingsway, noise is very minimal. I ordered Miki Bihon (Egg and rice noodles blend of egg and rice noodles sautéed with vegetables with shrimp, a very unique dish for only $8:99, this dish was enough to serve almost three people, came piping hot, for me it wasn’t either lunch or dinner, this historic and delicious noodle dish can still make one’s mouth watering, I had Sago’t Gulaman drink which is a very popular drink of Philippines, this is a street drink flavored with brown sugar syrup and a hint of banana extract served with shaved ice a well loved refresher, any time of the day.You will simply fall in love with this drink, it was a bit sweet for me but you can keep adding shaved ice to the drink, it was perfect.

When asked about the ethnicities of customers, Jasper replied,“We opened the first restaurant in Vancouver about two and half years ago, and so far 85% of our customers are from Philippines and the rest of them are cultures, we all together have about 3 restaurants in Canada, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver.”

“We are in the process of having a new lunch menu special for $9:99, which include BBQ dishes, drink and the soup of the day, our lunch is from 11am to 4pm from Monday to Friday” Jasper added.
“Our chefs are trained in Philippines cuisine in Philippines, when the
corporate office in California decided to open a restaurant in Vancouver, we brought our staff from Philippines, and I also came with them to manage the Max’s in Vancouver” Marj G.Morin the restaurant Manager said.
“Max’s is known for its chicken and we have around 15 Branches in USA and 2 in Dubai, we are also planning to expand in other places, we have been in this business for 70 years and known for our quality and best Pilipino cuisines and doesn’t matter where we go to, we don’t want to compromise on the taste and ethnicity of the cuisine. Marj G. Morin said.

Located at 3546 Kingsway Vancouver, call them for reservation at maxs.vancouver@maxschicken.com or call them at 604-435-3505. Eat in or take out, also can be booked for Christmas or special events.

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