Heart PicBig words but what do they all mean?  Can I be suffering from them and not even know?  What I should know, that my MD probably doesn’t?

Good questions, let’s look by giving simple definitions:

CVD – cardiovascular disease – any issue that causes dysfunction in the arteries (carry the oxygenated blood) and the veins (that carry the C02 blood back to the heart/lungs).

Atherosclerosis – blockage of the arteries that increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and congestive heart failure.

Arteriosclerosis – thickening hardening of the arteries and loss of plasticity. Arteriols are the smallest of the arteries – thickening/hardening and loss of plasticity

When the vascular system fails to work effectively, the pressure is put onto the heart to compensate -> increased blood pressure

But there are a huge number of issues that can cause this and many of the issues are misunderstood…let’s look

1.  For years cholesterol was identified as the culprit – but the whole cholesterol issues was hugely misunderstood.  Did you know there are  a variety of different types of HDL and again different types of LDL – both have good components and both have bad components and most MDs don’t even know that!!!

2. Your liver makes over 80% of the body’s cholesterol because you body needs cholesterol for a wide variety of functions!!  Without it, you are in more trouble than if you have too high a level of it

3. Taking anti-cholesterol drugs, i.e., Statin drugs – are hugely detrimental as they take a long time to bring down cholesterol levels, but they prevent the body from making CoQ10 – required in every cell of the body to make the necessary fuel, ATP, for the cells — DANGEROUS!!

4. Food and herbs can easily regulate your cholesterol levels

5. The more important issue is – do you have inflammation in the arteries

6.  What is causing the inflammation:

  • heavy metal toxicity
  • increased white blood cell count due to unresolved infection
  • stress -> adrenals -> arteries
  • diabetes -> increased levels of sugars -> liver -> adrenals -> arteries -> pancreas/insulin (note:  insulin and the pancreas are the end result – not the cause; treating the pancreas & insulin will never resolve the underlying issues
  • oxidized cholesterol – note: the cholesterol needs to be oxidized to cause a problem – indicative of low levels of:
  • glutathione – which is also important for regulating Nitric Oxide which is involved in creating the relaxation/constriction movement required in the arteries to move the blood flow
  • super oxide dismutase
  • other anti-oxidants


Now would you rather take a bunch of expensive man made artificial drugs that cause more problems than they solve OR would you rather whole real food designed to solve the problem naturally?  Well if you would rather eat away your artherioscleoris and prevent or reverse cardiovascular disease then you might consider adding the following to your diet:

  • 100% whole raw chocolate
  • with the omega 3 rich cocoa butter still in it (the butter is full of anti-inflammatory omega 3s required by the body, the heart and the brain);
  • and the special class of phenols in the chocolate enhance the nitric oxide in the body;
  • increase blood flow;
  • reduce blood clotting;
  • reduce high blood pressure;
  • and prevent oxidation of the LDL cholesterols – not bad for good healthy chocolate
  • Eating pomegranate –
  • has a different but again powerful anti-oxidant that protects the heart and blood vessels;
  • slows progression of plaques on the arteries;
  • reduces systolic blood pressure;
  • helps regulate nitric oxide by enhancing the nitric oxide enzyme, synthase;
  • reverses carotid atherosclerosis (the main arteries in the neck)
  • in terms of supplements,  products that:
  • a) turn on the DNA that make the mRNA tools to make natural anti-oxidants like glutathione and super oxide dismutase
  • b) provide the nutrients for the body to make glutathione and super oxide dismutase
  • c) glutathione is a million times more powerful than any supplement or food source of anti-oxidants – and the body makes it in every cell


1) glutathione taken orally simply breaks down in the stomach into amino acids and you tend to loose all the cysteine

2) even if glutathione remained whole – there are no transport mechanisms to get it into the cell

3) while there are many L-arginine products out there for Nitric Oxide – they tend to work great for about 3 weeks and then make it worse than ever

4) chocolate that is 70 – 80 – 90% have eliminated all the powerful omega 3s that are important for anti-inflammatory processes AND in the process lost most of their anti-oxidants!!!

5) Apple – it has now been shown that eating an apple a day OR walking a mile a day – is just as effective – if not more – than taking a statin drug!!

Be responsible, do your homework, find a good health practitioner, not a symptom manager.

Here’s to your health!