Flashy Fillet!

Dark HorseDreams can come true. Watch the ups and downs a group of Welshmen/women experience when they breed, give birth and ultimately decide to try to race a horse in Dark Horse. Done as a documentary this inspiring saga from Sony Pictures Classics is now offering charming chuckles and approving nods at The Van City Theatre located at 1181 Seymour Street, home of the Vancouver International Film Festival and other great foreign and documentary delights. Since Dark Horse is here only at select times don’t be left in the dark. Just go to www.viff.org for advance ticket or more information on this knockout film or call (604) 683-3456.  Showtimes are June 15-June 19 and June 21.

Serious cinephiles may have been fortunate to have seen this gallant horse movie at last year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. Now it’s your turn to arrive at the winner’s circle. Blame it all and give credit to a barmaid named Jan Vokes. Ever a dreamer one day Ms. Vokes decides she wants to own and dace a horse. No experience but so what. Being a sort of entrepreneur she finds 29 other commoners to chip in some money and the plan is hatched.

Pain and struggle follow this group every step of the way. Once the right horse comes into the world they name it Dream Alliance. Given no chance by anyone to even get in the game you just have to buy a ticket to see how this wild animal manages to tame the big boys as it makes quite the impression when it finally starts to race . And race it can.

Full of delightful interviews with the owners Dark Horse is a wonderful tale of how a bunch of lower class nobody’s can mix with the elites – in this case at prestigious race tracks in Great Britain. Exciting racing footage perfectly showcases the talents of a four-legged wonder who creates quite the sensation. Bet on it.

Oh, and locals or visitors curious about the sport can enjoy live horse racing every Saturday and Sunday on the PNE grounds at Hastings Park Racecourse. Free admission and a. Gorgeous ocean and mountain backdrop ensure a good time. Call (604) 254-1631 more information. Or go to www.hastingsracecourse.com