AS I have suggested over the years, the best way to deal with racism in bars, nightclubs and restaurants is to flood the place with brown guys and supporters. Yes, collect 100 guys or even 500 guys and land up at the place – and record everything on your cellphones. Even alert the TV stations to come and record it. Don’t break any laws, of course. You have a right to go to any entertainment joint – so let’s see how any racist prevents you from entering when you go there with 100-500 guys!

Post the photos of all the racist bouncers and staff members on Facebook and elsewhere and try and identify them all.

Indeed, you have to bully the bullies – these scumbags don’t understand any other language!

According to a report in a local newspaper, a group of South Asian women were allegedly treated like dirt at The Charles Bar in Gastown on October 19. And as they left the bar, a manager yelled at them: “Surrey’s that way!”

That comment was quite obviously a RACIST one – associating Surrey with South Asians and implying that we are low class.

South Asians MUST NOT tolerate any racism. Indeed, more and more South Asians should make their presence felt at all entertainment joints downtown.

This province and this country belong to ALL Canadians and South Asians must assert themselves and fight back not only for themselves but for ALL Canadians.