Ken Flanders


By Ken Flanders

If you market debt consolidation solutions, consistently and easily finding people who have outstanding debt and are having trouble paying it off or meeting their monthly commitments could be tremendously profitable for you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a steady flow of prospects that fit this exact profile visiting your site and providing their contact information?

It’s possible and it may be simpler than you realize. With Google being one of the most visited websites on the planet, almost everyone has used Google to find something they were looking for. What happens when you search any topic? Very simply, results appear, you eyeball a few quickly, click on one or two and usually, find what you’re looking for.

Interestingly, Google usually generates thousands, or even tens of thousands of results on any one query. Rarely does anyone go past the first page of results, never mind past the first few results that appear on their screen. The key to getting people to your site is to be among the top results that appear on any given search engine, resulting in lots of exposure, lots of visits to your site by the people who are looking for exactly what you offer.

You’re probably aware the first 2-3 results you’ll see on Google – usually in a bar that has some color to it – and all the results down the right side of the page are paid advertisements. While they get prominent placement, they are very expensive and it’s a constant effort to stay ahead of the curve. Why not spend your effort getting better and more meaningful long term results that don’t cost your hard-earned dollars?

Organic search is the solution. What the search engines do, quite simply, is use complex logarithms to index and ‘view’ every site on the internet and rates them according to several factors including how often they’re visited, how many other sites link to any given site and how much the actual content on the site corresponds with what people are searching for.

Let’s take this a step further. The search engines rank websites constantly. It make sense then, that if nothing changes on your site, your ranking will either stay the same as it ever was, or get further and further from the top as new sites appear or existing sites add relevant content.

The good news is there are several things you can do to keep your site fresh, relevant and well ranked. Organic search is about having the content people are looking for and adding new content and keeping on top of your marketplace, knowing, understanding and addressing it’s needs, it’s desires when they are looking for information on debt consolidation.

The words and phrases people type into search engines are known as keywords or keyword phrases. I might type in ‘pay off debt’ or ‘reduce debt’ or I might know the term ‘debt consolidation’. Some people might type in ‘owe less money’ ‘get out of debt’ or ‘reduce credit card bills or payments’.

You can easily research and learn what people search for most – words and phrases and make sure those appear often on your site. You can create articles and reference pieces on your site that use these words and phrases regularly. You can create video and audio that uses these words and phrases – the search engines index this content as well.

There are some simple tools to do keyword research, understand not only what people are looking for, but what words and phrases your competitors are using that are getting great results and traffic for them. By putting this intelligence to practical use on your site, you can continually tweak and update your website so that it gets great rankings and puts you at the top of the listings so that when the right prospects for debt consolidation are out searching the web, your company is the one they’ll find. It’s simple, it’s accessible and it’s a solid long-term lead generating strategy.

Ken Flanders is General Mangaer at Business Navigators