Delta Police are seeing an upward trend in the number of incidents of theft from autos in Delta. These incidents are currently up 39% from the same time period last year. This is problematic from our perspective and we want to raise awareness and engage the community to curb this problem.

Although Delta is one of the safest communities, it is important to “sweat the small stuff” so to speak, so we don’t invite bigger issues to take root in our community.

This week  the Delta Police kick off the “Leave it Empty” Pledge Campaign in hopes of encouraging citizens to change their practice of leaving valuable items in their vehicles and take everything with them, leaving the vehicle empty.

Up until now, items consistently left in vehicles include, wallets, Ipads, tools, Passports, Nexus cards, credit cards, drivers’ licenses, garage door openers, car keys and more.

Any items left in the vehicle serve as an enticing invitation to the opportunistic criminal to steal not only your valuables but your identity. We are asking citizens to work with us and take the “Leave it Empty” pledge which can be done through the Delta Police website (

In Delta we attend theft from auto calls. If you are a victim of a theft from auto, call police right away. If you drive the vehicle or wipe it down before police attend you may be eliminating some forensic evidence that could be used to identify the suspect(s).

Delta Police have made placards to hang in vehicles, “Nothing to Steal But This Sign. Please Don’t Steal This Sign” for those that take the pledge. These placards are available at Community Police Offices, Headquarters in Ladner and Police Building in North Delta.

Help us help you and “Leave it Empty”. Go to the Delta Police website ( and take the pledge.