Delta Police award winners at Police Honours night

Bringing justice to an elderly woman defrauded of her life’s savings, entering a dimly lit room to confront an armed gunman with a hostage, wading into frigid waters to save a suicidal male….This is the exceptional work and bravery for which Delta Police officers and reserve constables were recognized, at Police Honours Night at Government House in Victoria on Thursday, Nov. 22.

Cst. Kristine Pemberton

Constable Kristine Pemberton is being acknowledged for Meritorious service with respect to an elder abuse file, in which an elderly woman was defrauded of $100,000. The accused bullied, threatened, lied and stole substantial amounts of money from multiple victims.

Cst Pemberton took on the complaint in September 2016, and her doggedness in pursuit of evidence was described as exceptional. She is being recognized for the hundreds of hours of investigative time, her commitment to the victims and their welfare, and for her outstanding work in delivering a well-organized and thorough investigation to Crown Counsel.  The accused plead guilty in March 2018.

“With our aging population in British Columbia, it is imperative that elder abuse situations are closely watched and investigated. Our seniors have shaped and built the world as it is, and it is our duty to protect them,” says Chief Neil Dubord. “Constable Permberton’s thoroughness, judgement and dedication are an example to all police officers.”

Sgt. Mike Scholz

Several Delta Police officers and Reserve Constables were also recognized for Valour and Meritorious Service for their life-saving efforts on the shores of South Delta. A suicidal male entered frigid ocean waters in Goose Bay in February 2018 in an attempt to take his own life. Constable David Dyck and Sergeant Mike Scholz, along with Reserve Constable Justin Wong entered the waters in order to bring the male to safety. In doing so, the officers began to develop hypothermic symptoms.

Cst. Dave Dyck

Staff Sergeant Dave Vaughan-Smith and Reserve Constable Brian Short (now a DPD constable) also entered the water to help bring the distraught male to safety.  Cst David Dyck and Sgt Mike Scholz are being recognized for Valour. S/Sgt Dave Vaughan-Smith, Cst Brian Short and R/Cst Justin Wong are being recognized for Meritorious Service.

“It was a perilous situation, as officers arrived on scene to find the distraught man well out in the water,” says Chief Dubord. “After five minutes in the water the officers were not only sinking in the silt, but the tide was rapidly coming back in. Fortunately they reached the man, who was seriously injured, but they had no quick way to get him or themselves back safely, as efforts to obtain a boat had failed. As they supported him back to shore, the two officers were developing hypothermic symptoms and could no longer move their legs. That’s when the other officers who had arrived on scene took over from the initial responding officers.”

Cst Dyck, Sgt Scholz and R/Cst Wong were taken to Delta Hospital as a precautionary measure, but were released soon after, unharmed.

Cst. Dave Ogilvy

Constable Dave Ogilvy was recognized for Valour, and nominated by Deputy Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr, head of the BC RCMP. Cst Ogilvy was part of the Integrated Lower Mainland District Emergency Response Team, called to to an active shooter situation at a residence in Burnaby in September 2015. A man had shot the boyfriend of his ex-wife, causing the ex-wife, child and grandchild to flee. The situation was grave as a hostage was grievously injured, and there were tenants in the suite upstairs.

Deputy Commissioner Butterworth-Carr noted that Cst. Ogilvy insisted on taking point position. “Cst Ogilvy showed tremendous valor in his role as the first member to enter the dimly lit basement suite where it was known that an armed man who had shot at other people was inside; thus again knowingly putting himself in the position with the greatest risk,” she wrote.

While trying to locate the injured victim, Cst. Ogilvy came face-to-face with the suspect, who was still armed with a rifle. Even in the face of this threat Cst. Ogilvy still tried to de-escalate the situation. Unfortunately the victim did not survive the encounter. The suspect also died during this event. Deputy Commissioner Butterworth-Carr noted that “Throughout the call, Cst. Ogilvy demonstrated calmness and professionalism.”

Cst. Ogilvy is being recognized for Valour.

“I am very proud of all of these officers for their dedication to public safety,” says Chief Dubord. “I wanted to take this opportunity to share their stories with our community, as I think our citizens would appreciate the chance to learn more about their efforts as well.”