Ten Delta Police officers were among those honoured at this year’s Police Honours Ceremony held on November 16, 2017 at Government House in Victoria. Nine were honoured with the Meritorious service medals while one received the award of Valour.

Constable Jordan MacWilliams – Award of Valour

On November 08, 2012 Delta Police Cst. MacWilliams, who was a member of the Municipal Integrated Emergency Response team( MIERT), responded to New Westminster Queensborough area in relation to man with a gun holding a female hostage. He along with a contingent of other MIERT members put their lives at significant risk to bring the victim to safety all the while the suspect had already fired his gun and was taunting police to shoot him. Every effort to engage this suspect in negotiations and utilizing all non-lethal tools at the officers’ disposal proved ineffective to gain compliance.

Cst. MacWilliams (along with the attending members) demonstrated personal courage and selflessness and a clear dedication to his duty to protect and preserve life while risking his own safety in the process.

Sergeant Jill Long and Constable(s) Martin Levangie, Scott Formby, Robb Semler, Ken Kirk, Sean Cessford, Chris Ward and Gwen Vaughan-Smith – Meritorious Service

In August of 2015, Delta Police received information about possible drug activity in South Delta area. As a result, members of the Delta Police Drug Section embarked on a lengthy investigation that spanned several months. The police employed a number of investigative strategies that led to the execution of search warrants across the lower mainland. The investigation concluded with the seizure of a significant amount of drugs valued at $1.2million, $1.5 million in cash, nine firearms and the dismantling of one of the largest fentanyl labs seen in Canada at that time. Five people were arrested and charged. This matter is still before the courts. These Delta Police officers worked tirelessly on this protracted and complex investigation. As a result of their efforts, as a collective team, they disrupted a lucrative drug operation and kept a substantial amount of dangerous drugs and guns off of our streets.

Constable Sonny Buttar – Meritorious Service

Cst. Buttar was a member of the CFSEU investigative team tasked with solving numerous arson and shooting attacks on homes and vehicles belonging to people that had an association with the JIBC. There were over 20 offences that occurred between April 2011 and January 2012. These incidents were a well-planned and brazen attack on law enforcement, wherein the nature of the crime had never been seen. After a lengthy investigation that incorporated a number of different investigative tactics and techniques, police identified and arrested the suspect. Constable Buttar played a key role on this investigative team in both a managerial and operational capacity. He spearheaded a comprehensive arrest plan that led to the successful arrest of both suspects involved. These incidents carried out by these individuals inflicted significant fear in the public and compromised the safety of many. Cst. Buttar and the whole investigative team remained steadfast in their commitment to solving these crimes and bringing the individuals responsible before the courts.

Chief Dubord expresses,” It is a humbling experience to witness the acknowledgement of so many police officers from across the province who demonstrate steadfast commitment and sacrifice in their service to their respective communities. I am so very proud to stand with, and share in this prestigious recognition of ten of our Delta Police officers, they are all most deserving. They have shown courage in the face of adversity and unyielding dedication regardless of the challenges, in order to get the job done and done well. These men and women, along with all of the Delta Police officers that serve our community continue to do their very best to keep Delta safe for our citizens.”