Delta: On March 08 2017 Delta Police responded to a report suspicious circumstance that had occurred on March 07, 2017 at approximately 3: 15 p.m.

In the afternoon of March 07, an 11-year-old girl was walking home from school and the driver of a beige Toyota Camry type vehicle pulled up to her at the corner of 118 Street and 74 Ave in North Delta and offered her a ride. The young girl said no and ran toward home.  Police later attended the complainant’s residence and learned there were two occupants in this vehicle and both described as “black” males. Further police learned that when the young girl said no to the ride the driver pulled his shirt up exposing his chest. Once the girl ran the vehicle did not pursue her.

Vehicle Description: older model Toyota Camry beige in color – no plate or further description obtained
Driver: non-white male, 30yrs,
Rear Passenger: non-white male – no further description

Although there have been no other incidents of this nature reported, the Delta Police are taking this opportunity to remind people to review safety measures with their children. These safety tips may include;

  • To walk in pairs whenever possible
  • Stay in well-lit and high traffic areas
  • Make noise and draw attention to yourself if approached
  • Run to the nearest safe place –home; store; recreational facility
  • Never go with strangers

We are also encouraging our citizens to contact police as soon as possible to report any suspicious person and/or vehicles in your neighbourhood.