Delta police new car Delta police new SUVThe Delta Police Department is rolling out a new police vehicle design starting in early May.

In 2013, the DPD updated the Department Badge, which was designed by the Chief Herald of Canada. The new Badge reflects the green and gold of Delta, which has become the formal Department Colours. In 2016, the DPD explored new design concepts for police vehicles that complemented the new Colours.

Chief Dubord comments, “This new design recognizes the important balance between a strong presence while portraying our community policing principles. I am proud of the new look, as it reflects our professionalism and modern approach to policing.”

In order to be fiscally responsible, the DPD is planning a progressive roll-out of the new design, meaning current vehicles will not be re-decaled. Instead, as new vehicles arrive they will be branded with the new design. Completion of the project is expected to take 3-years.