Bareilly: A kangaroo court in a village near Bareilly separated a newlywed couple after the bride’s mother, a poor widow, failed to arrange a dawat-e-walima (feast) for village council members and villagers. The girl’s family is in shock and contemplating leaving the village.

Majida recently visited her brother in Kolkata where the latter offered to get his son Taslim married to her daughter Sabina. Majida readily agreed and the marriage was solemnized in the presence of selected family members. However, when she returned back to her village, she was summoned by the village council which accused her of selling her daughter in Kolkata.
The panchayat members told her to either arrange a feast for the entire village or present the couple before it. Not in a position to afford the feast, Majida called for her daughter and son-in-law from Kolkata. The couple was humiliated in front of the entire village and Taslim was forced to divorce Sabina. When Majida objected to this, she was asked to get her daughter married to a suitable boy from the village and forget about Taslim.
The police have been informed and are investigating the matter.