In previous Power Point articles in this series I have encouraged you to continuously improve your email marketing game. Trust me, there’s always room for improvement, for anyone, including me.
I am always auditing my process because I consider it to be essential to update, improve and tweak it to ensure I get maximum return on my campaigns going forward. Having said that, I recognize it’s easy to put this task on the back burner to focus on new and exciting or more urgent tasks instead.
A simple way to avoid these distractions is to have a game plan.
First, let’s start by looking at your lead magnet. You should consider changing it out every three to six months. You also want to set aside a particular day of the week to add new auto-responder messages. Let’s say you’re going to add one new email message per week. Add it to your calendar as a weekly activity that gets done every Tuesday, for example. Or, if you prefer to work in batches, you could set aside a day every couple of months where you write and add 3 months’ worth of emails. Find a rhythm that works for you and then get in the habit of doing it regularly.
Next, here are three other tasks related to list building and email marketing you want to plan on doing regularly. Make these a priority by also scheduling them in your calendar.
• First, make it a habit to look at your opt-in stats. Remember; what gets measured gets managed. Look at open rates and unsubscribes in particular. The most important stat for your bottom line is of course how many people take you up on your offers. Study any email offers or solo emails that are converting well for you and do more of the same.
• Next, you want to look at your opt-in conversion rates. Tweak your opt-in forms, content, etc. to increase your conversion rates. Where available, use split testing for every campaign you run to try to better your previous conversion rate.
• Last but not least, consider setting up different opt-in funnels. You can target specific subsets of your target audience with special funnels designed just for them. This allows you to speak directly to them and their particular needs. And, continue to grow your list by setting up new funnels and new auto responders on a regular basis.

Take Away
Putting together a sales funnel isn’t complicated—or at least it doesn’t have to be. In my experience, you can keep it simple by having a workable game plan and sticking to it. Make your plan by populating your calendar with dates for all of these activities. Your list and your business will grow much faster for doing this.

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