EVELOPER Jack Saran told CBC that he called the City of Surrey and the RCMP when former Surrey city planner Akonyu Geoffrey Akolo allegedly asked him for a $65,000 bribe, but they reportedly did not take him seriously.
Saran, who owns Forge Properties Inc., said: “He [wanted] to get some money from me in cash under the table, so he can save me some money on my charges, fees from the city of Surrey.”
Saran noted: “I was shocked. I did hear some stories before. I didn’t believe, but when this happened to me I was like ‘What a shock.’”
Akolo was fired in 2010. He was charged criminally in 2011 and this week he pleaded guilty in court to breach of trust. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for November 28.
The breach of trust was in connection with an application Saran filed for a townhouse development called Keystone in south Surrey.
Akolo also faces a civil suit from the city that alleges breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, intentional and negligent misrepresentation, conversion and misappropriation of funds, fraud and deceit. Akolo denied the allegations in a written response.
Many in the South Asian community want to know who all allegedly paid bribes to Akolo.