Surrey: Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) Richmond South Excellence Awards were held on January 6th at Dhaliwal Banquet Hall in Surrey, BC. The event was held in order to celebrate the achievement of all the advisors of DFSIN – Richmond South. The night started off with a VIP reception which included many staff along with some well-respected Community members. It was night full of entertainment, great food, some very well-deserved awards and a lot of surprises. To everyone’s astonishment, Perminder Chohan (Managing Director, DFSIN – Richmond South) and his family (wife Deep Chohan and children: Henna and Armaan) gifted some very exclusive gifts to two team members for their excellent achievement within the DFSIN – Richmond South team. Karan Goyal received a Rolex Watch while Shivani Sobti was gifted a BMW car by the Chohan’s! The night ended off with some good dance moves by all to some upbeat Bollywood and Punjabi songs!

Photos: Fahad Photo.

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