By Dr. Holly
hollyWe all know that obesity is ramped and more people than not, are either pre diabetic or full blown diabetic…Many know that MDs claim that you can develop blindness, heart issues, amputation, vascular disease and death if diabetes is not controlled. The challenge is, that physicians are taught to focus on the end issue, ie., the pancreas and insulin – when in fact, many issues go astray prior to the pancreas and insulin issues. If we address these prior issues, we can eliminate diabetes rather than manage it.
Further, more often than not physicians prescribe anti-diabetic drugs without providing you with any of the warnings. For instance, these drugs can cause the following issues:
• may cause acute pancreatitis (i.e., inflammation of the pancreas)
• severe allergic reactions
• likely to cause abnormal cell growth in the pancreas
• microadenomas (a medical term for tumors)…
• raised blood pressure
• commonly cause cold symptoms and inflamed sinuses
• may deplete lymphocytes (part of the immune system: white blood cells)
• may cause vomiting and nausea…
• may cause tooth pain
• may cause constipation

What if, instead of managing your diabetes, with all of these toxic pharmaceuticals that cause so many negative side – effects…you chose to embrace REAL MEDICINE using food and herbs that have positive side effects and eliminate the issue all together.
There are many factors that can lead one to developing diabetic symptoms – note: diabetes is a symptom NOT a disease – and as many factors that can lead to diabetes – there are just as many protocols that can eliminate it.
Do your research. Find a good HEALTH PRACTITIONER, not a symptom manager, and take control of your life again.
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
World Health Organization
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For more information, contact: Dr Holly at
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