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By Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

A while back we were discussing all the different causes of diabetes…but what about all the ways to resolve diabetes?
As noted previously, Metformin, the most commonly prescribed prescription utilized for diabetes in no way eliminates diabetes.  All it can do is help regulate the blood glucose levels while the underlying issues continue to cause various domino effects throughout the body including:

  • Issues with your eyesight – retinopathy and blindness
  • Issues with your weight – obesity
  • Issues with neuropathy – amputation
  • Issues with your cardio/heart system – heart attack, erectile dysfunction
  • Issues with your kidneys – kidney failure
  • Issues with your neural/brain – stroke

So, what can we do to correct the diabetes?
Well, the first thing is obviously quit the sugars:

  • Obvious sugar foods – baking, breads, ice cream, junk foods, sodas
    • Start eating real, whole, foods
  • Low carbs convert into sugars easily – potatoes, rice, pasta, flour,
    • Start eating nutrient dense complex carbs
  • Include good healthy herbs & spices:
    • Sri Lanke cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg
  • Include foods that support the liver:
    • Anything that is bitter – bitters are great for the liver
      • 100% chocolate Arugula   Barley
      • Basil Bitter melon                Cilantro
      • Dandelion Dill                      Fenugreek
      • Horseradish Kale                 Parsley
      • Radish Sesame                      Tumeric

Foods that support and help heal the adrenals

  • Foods rich in Vitamin B5
    • Avocados bananas                       beef
    • brazil nuts legumes                      oats
  • Foods rich in Vitamin C
    • Berries broccoli                             Brussel sprouts
    • citrus fruits (not oranges anymore), peaches spring greens
  • Food rich in L-tyrosine
    • Avocados bananas                       berries
    • Chicken dairy                                 fish
    • Legumes nuts/seeds                   oats
    • Pork whole grains                       wheat

Foods that support and help heal the pancreas

  • Blueberries broccoli                       cherries
  • Garlic red grapes                             red Reishi mushrooms
  • Spinach sweet potatoes               yogurt

The really powerful medications come in the form of herbal tinctures, go to your local herbalist and find the tincture formula that is best for you.

Here’s to your health!
For more information, contact: Dr Holly at holly@choicesunlimited.ca
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