kamilla singh copySurrey is full of Dosa restaurants, but there are few of them that can make the real south Indian Dosa, You may ask what Dosa is?

Dosas are very typical dish of South of Indians, doses are very thin crepe, cooked on a very hot grill with little bit of oil so the batter doesn’t stick to the grill, this is only cooked on one side, but the crepe is thin that it cooks both sides, this can be filled with many kinds of fillings, such as potatoes, meat, paneer,spinach and feta cheese, mushroom Mysore dosa, opinion rave masala dosa, too many to name., these dosas are served with Sambar and chutneys. If you have been craving for a typical South Indian Dosas, then your search is over, Desi Dosa Madras on Scott Road.
This establishment is a living example of a dream come true, for, 25 years ago a young man from Sri Lanka, came to Canada to start a new life, Pathmaraj (Pat) began his work in the food industry in Toronto, starting out as a delivery boy and eventually making his way in to the restaurant kitchen where he discovered his passion for cooking.
This is a gem in Surrey, which I feel hasn’t been discovered, once you enter you will be greeted by the friendly staff, as well as the atmosphere is very calm and welcoming, pictures of Buddha will capture anyone entering to eat and relax, elegant understated Dosas with Western influence. The dosas are almost two feet long, I am not kidding the dosas at Desi Dosa Madras are long filled with your desired filling, it’s a full meal by itself.
When I asked what is your most popular dish in the restaurant, “We have 26 different varieties of Dosas, from meat dosas for meat lovers, who like chicken, lamb and shrimp and veggie masala, paneer spinach dosa, as well as Rava dosa, wheatless, not gluten free, all other dosas are gluten free, from white lentil urd dhal washed and rice soaked and grinded in stone grinder” Premila Prasad the owner said.
I had spinach feta cheese dosa, this was the first time I tried this dosa, it came with sambar, three different chutneys, it was indeed very filling and yummy!
They have “chef’s special”, such as Kerala style sole fish curry served with rice, or Madras sole fish curry served with rice and kids happy meal, which includes breaded chicken breast strips and fries, chicken nuggets and fish and chips.
Desi Dosa Madras is located at 8859-120th Street; Phone : 604-591-1591
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