(PG) *** 

Burnt Memories!

People tired of being home alone with nothing to do but watch old movies will covet a chance to see something new thanks to Elevation Pictures. Instead of dreaming about going to a theatre do the next best thing and curl up on the sofa to take in Disappearance at Clifton Hill. Seeing this brand new movie on your home television or computer is simply a few clicks or short phone call away. Contact your local cable company or internet provider and order Disappearance at Clifton Hill on demand or get it on DVD.
All Canadians have a stake in This movie. That’s because it’s partly made with funds from Telefilm. And fortunately it’s not a bad little film. Fresh and quirky describes this nicely acted story about a little girl lost.
Mind games seems to have impacted Abby big time. On a seaside outing decades ago the little girl claims to have seen an abduction. Years later the Colombo in training returns to her former home and tries to solve the case. Memories have a habit of fading but with dogged determination this now grown woman manages to unravel a web of deceit that will have conspiracy theorists yearning for more
Director Albert Shin succeeds in cobbling together an interesting crime story with an assortment of bizarre characters who are all intriguing and not yet past their expiry date. Set in the town of Ajax and with footage of the magnificent Niagara Falls Disappearance at Clifton Hill is a fresh view of Canadiana gone wrong worth checking out.

By Shirl Hollenberg