Three’s Company!

DisobedienceMy how tangled a web thee weave. Substitute Jewish for The Amish as we enter into an orthodox world with steadfast traditional values in the emotional driven Disobedience. Taboo subjects in the minds of a collective boil to the surface in is head-turner from Mongrel Media sure to set off sparks and lively debate at The International Village Cinemas and select Cineplex Cinemas across B.C.

Beware of not being true to yourself. When a revered fatherly Rabbi at a renowned London congregation passes the community mourns as a whole. News of the arrival of a displaced daughter to attend the religious services sparks lots of sneers behind closed doors. Academy award winning actress Rachel Weisz shines light on is complicated woman who just wants to have a peaceful homecoming. Few could predict the undeniable impression she leaves on members of this interconnected clan.

Old friends die hard and former best friends Dovid and Esti welcome the wayward lass into their home during this trying time. Married friends Rachel McAdams and Alessandro Nivolo out on a brave face as deep emotions percolate that few could imagine. Be prepared for a completely unexpected turn of events as the closed-natured world of forced marriages and living by convention suddenly seems open for debate.

Open your hearts and minds as director Sebastian Lelio peels away at an ancient culture and gracefully allows it to breathe in ways some would find most sacrilege. More modern free thinkers should embrace the diversity that is on display and a message of tolerance that gives everyone hope for a better world.