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Manpreet Dhillon
Manpreet Dhillon


Manpreet Dhillon, co-founder of Be Your Own Best Friend, wears another hat as a Freedom Catalyst. She helps women create more freedom in their life and the game plan they need so women are happier, healthier and more successful. Manpreet is a Certified Personal and Business Coach, Certified Heal Your Money Story Coach, Certified Human Resources Professional with a Masters in Organizational Management to allow her to support women in moving forward in life.
Manpreet has a strong passion for bringing the best out of people and have them live their dream life. She believes that everyone is meant to be abundant, health, have the life they want both personally and
professionally. On the business side, Manpreet works with organizations on strategy, change management, organizational culture and building community. While she is not being a super woman, she loves traveling, experiencing cultures, volunteering, researching new cheesy jokes that she will repeat over and over again until she finds a new one.

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I have a large extended family where I am
constantly invited to
dinners, parties and family get-togethers. They are fun but I never have time for myself. I want to spend time doing things for myself, with my husband, kids, or my friends or have more time to do fun
activities. How can I
handle family obligations and still have time for myself?

Family is important. We connect to family in a
different way than we do with anyone else. There are two types of families we have in this world: the
tribal family and the soul family. The tribal family is the family we are born into, the family who
influences our thoughts and beliefs from the moment we are children, the family who shares our genes. The soul family is the family we choose, the family we feel connected to as if we have know each other our whole lives.
It is important to have time with both families in order to fully enjoy your life. The tribal family (the family you are born into) helps you understand who you are while the soul family makes you feel happier and more excited.
It is important to schedule your time to include both types of families. Make time in your schedule to include time to do at least one thing that you love to do each week even if it is for an hour. Make time in your schedule to have 2 hours with someone who you feel very connected to (from your soul family) and make time to spend time doing fun activities with your loved ones (partner/kids/parents). Now, when you get called for extended family
obligations, you look at your schedule and stick to your schedule. You may do both events but do not cancel on the time that is important to you. You may have to spend a little but less time with your friend but still see your friend and then attend the family event. When you start
getting comfortable, you will start saying no to things that you feel
obligated to do and say yes to things that you want to do.