Sarwan Singh Randhawa, Councillor Kim Richter, Mayor Jack Froese, Councillor Charlie Fox, Judi the Manners Lady, Councillor Grant Ward, Councillor Bob Long, and Ishaan Singh Rangi.
MURIEL Arnason Library and the Township of Langley celebrated their 10th annual Diwali, the Festival of Lights, last Saturday. Over 500 people participated in the colourful event and enjoyed henna, crafts, face-painting, Punjabi folk dance Bhangra, turban-wrapping demonstrations, entering draws, and food in a festive atmosphere. Township of Langley Mayor Jack Froese and councillors Grant Ward, Kim Richter, Charlie Fox, Steve Ferguson, Bob Long and Bev Dornan as well as Township of Langley manager Bev Herman, Judi the Manners Lady, Bob Gabriel, Manager, ISS of BC, and Muriel Arnason’s daughter Petrina Arnason were among those who enjoyed the celebrations. Froese, Ward and Judi conveyed their wishes to the community for a happy Diwali.
Muriel Arnason Library was filled with people of all ages during the afternoon’s festivities. Seven-year-old Ishaan Singh Rangi entertained the audience with his lively Bhangra. A short presentation on history and the importance of the turban in Sikhism by Jashanpreet Singh Randhawa was very well received. Sarwan Singh Randhawa and Baljit Singh Kundan did many turban-tying demonstrations. Councillors Fox and Ferguson, Bruce Broomfield, former MLA Dave Hayer along with many others
Tying a turban on Bruce Broomfield
participated in the turban-tying event. A young girl, Valery Savchenko, also got a turban tied on her head. There were many other entertaining activities as all ages could choose to have their hands decorated with mehndi, or henna. Children enjoyed face-painting, creating colourful lights, and did a variety of crafts.
People expressed their happiness in their wonderful comments on the tremendous success of the event. In a congratulation note, Richter said: “Great event, great activities, great food, great fun for all – this event gets bigger and better every year!” Fuller wrote: “What a fun afternoon, celebrating Diwali with the community.”
Manjit Gill, Councillor Charlie Fox, Dave Denault, FVRL Tour Manager for Library Live and On Tour, and Bruce Broomfield, with Baljit Singh Kundan in the back

Everyone enjoyed multicultural food including samosas, pakoras, different types of cookies, juices, and coffee. At the end of the program, Community Librarian Dr. Sarwan Singh Randhawa thanked the audience, performers, media and volunteers.