Dr CheemaVancouver, BC – Surrey’s family physician and former Minister Responsible for Mental Health, Dr Gulzar Singh Cheema won an Individual Award of Excellence in Health Promotion  for his outstanding and continuing work educating the Indo-Canadian population about disease prevention and promotion.

Four special awards were handed out by the ‘Doctors of British Columbia Medical Association’ at its 15th annual awards ceremony to the winners for their outstanding work in improving the health care system for patients and those who work in it.  The event was attended by prominent doctors and community role models hailing from different parts of Canada.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Lloyd Oppel admired volunteer services of Dr Cheema who demonstrated ingenuity, dedication and volunteer leadership for health promotion by focusing on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, drugs and mental health issues.

It is worth to mention here that Dr Gulzar Singh Cheema is a highly experienced and widely respected physician and educator in British Columbia.  He is known in the community as a doctor with great professional discipline, moral values and dependable behaviour habits. His commitment to the community is exemplary.  He is a known volunteer, community activist and philanthropist in the South Asian community.  This can sometimes be a challenging population to convince that a change in lifestyle is necessary for improved health, but through his volunteer efforts researching, producing and videotaping  weekly health segments on OMNI TV, his talks at temples and seniors’ centres, and his work with immigrating doctors and young students, his message is having an impact.

In addition to numerous local, national and international recognitions for his distinguished service, Dr Cheema is recipient of the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal, Canada.  He also got Queen Elizabeth 11’s Golden Jubilee Medal, Canada, Award of Excellence by College of Family Physicians BC Chapter 2012, and Excellent Sher Icon Award from ‘1550 Radio’ in 2014.

Asian Journal spoke with Dr. Raghbur Singh on this honour conferred upon Dr. Cheema, he said, “It is delighting that distinctive volunteer work of Dr. Cheema has been appreciated with ‘Excellence in Health Promotion Award’ by the Doctors of BC Medical Association.  He is a doctor with noble and radiant commitment to create awareness on the menace of drugs, social evils and other health relating problems. He is definitely making a difference each and every day to create awareness and enhance healthcare system in Canada. I would like to extend BIG thanks to Dr Cheema for all of his volunteer endeavors, hard work and dedication in service of the society.  The smallest and biggest act of his kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”