By Shirl Hollenberg

Hollywood Photo for CinderellaStorybook endings are the stock and trade of Disney. Timeless Cinderella gets an updated makeover in this flight of fancy now warming hearts over at Cineplex Odeon theatres around B.C. People the world over know the story. Live action and a scintillating cast headline this enchantment.
Even better or as good as the main feature is a smart continuation of the Frozen juggernaut appropriately titled Frozen Forever. Characters from the first hit return for more escapist comical adventure in this dynamic animated romp. And now it’s onto the main movie which sees a younger abandoned girl try to cope with family loss. Left to fend for herself under an evil overlord is pretty Ella. Girlish charms by an effervescent Lily James light up the screen as she tries to resist the wicked rules forced upon her by substitute mom Tremaine.
Born to play this mother from hell is Cate Blanchette who rises to the occasion as an ice lady ready to thwart Ella’s efforts at every turn. This rivalry reaches the pinnacale when a chance encounter between the lowly serf and a horse mounted Prince Charming gives Ella hope that there may in fact be a future. Hot in a nice way is a dashing Richard Madden whose sincere smile and feelings give soul to this timeless story.
Love is in full bloom and all that’s standing in the way of a happy ending is a glass slipper. Classy special effects and flawless fun performances make Cinderella a treat in all ways.
Cinderella (G) ****