(PG) ***

Divided Loyalties !

Enter the decadent world of a divided society as Canadian director Bruce McDonald ( Hard Core Logo) unleashes a truly bizarre set of characters in the eye-popping completely original Dreamland. Not to be confused with some other recent films with the same name this feast of the senses boils down to a very strange wedding with a cast of guests to die for. Enjoy this brand new very dark comedy from Red Eye Media currently available for home viewing by simply contacting your local cable carrier or internet provider.
Forget about Ancient Greek /Roman mythology. Here the central character of our story, Hercules, is anything but good. Instead hold your breath as Henry Rollins ( Heat ) unleashes the dirt as a grotesque crime lord whose claim to fame is supplying children to his deprived guests at an establishment he runs with an iron fist. Even the police are afraid to go to his palatial palace that relies on excess to bring in the customers.
Besides crime Hercules tries to show a taste for the good life and enjoys jazz. So when he dispatches his henchman to exact revenge on a musician who may have wronged him all hell breaks loose. Steven McHattie ( Watchmen) shines as a troubled hit man with a conscience who also gets double duty as the targeted trumpet blasting
Along for the ride is Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers) who hams it up, as do all the other actors, as another crime boss known as the Countess. Over the top for sure Dreamland really is all about a nightmare come to fruition as this weird world gets crazier by the frame. With a good surreal atmosphere Dreamland is a totally different kind of film whose original concept deserves an A for effort.