Born Again!
by Shirl Hollenberg
Dish the dirt. Laughs come hot and heavy in the eventful Drinkwater. Good old Canadian charm is on tap hilariously in this quaint little comedy that clicks. Fresh fun with a unique twist catch this new release from Route 504 PR now on views at select Cineplex Cinemas and certain Landmark Theatres across B.C.
How appropriate it is to see a Canadian town play itself and not masquerade as an American city. Let’s go to the sunny Okanogan, a famed resort region in sunny/snowy British Columbia. Here we have the pleasure (?) of meeting the humble dynamic duo of father and son Drinkwater. Kind of a chip off the old block young Mike Drinkwater is experiencing pains at your traditional high school while his dad spends time in his own dreamworld at home. Eric McCormack sparkles as the scheming dad while Daniel Doheny clicks as a pressurized teen facing all sorts of adolescent dilemmas.
Smart director Stephen S. Campanelli does a terrific job presenting the folky charm of a small Canadian town which might as well be small town U.S.A. Issues of relationships, bullying and acceptance are slyly introduced and wonderfully wrestled with. Drinkwater comes off as a modern take on the underdog theme and has that lift off Karate Kid spirit to it.
Shot in Penticton, British Columbia the scenery is stunning. Equally compelling is the nostalgia sound track that’s full of catchy hits us oldies will remember and younger audiences will be able to relate to.
Recommended for all ages Drinkwater is worth taking in.