EYE 2014 is an initiative by Source West Media Group (SW Media) to
promote collaboration between businesses. It’s a platform to learn new ideas that can transform local businesses; it is a medium to exchange information about local markets, its challenges and processes that can be adopted to make enterprise profitable and sustainable.

Find out how to make your data disaster proof and how to get more sales using Mobile marketing

What You’ll Learn?
• How to Save Your Monkey From Unexpected disaster.
• The 3 most important mobile marketing tools business should adapt immediately

Who Should Attend?
C-Level executives and managers who want to make sure that the proper bcakup and security sytems are in place now to avaiod extended downtime and data loss due to a server crash, natural disaster, servere virus, hacker attack or a disgrntaled employee.
Senior maketing and sales managers who want to win with Mobile Media Marketing to generate new leads, build new databases of mobile consumers and buyers and provide information using tools like video and text messaging.
While IT managers are welcome to attend, this session will be an executive briefing and will not be technical deep dive.

Bob Milliken Picture-computer cents COLORWho Are The Speakers?
Bob Milliken of the Cascadia Systenms Goup
Bob Milliken is the president and owner of Cascadia Systems Group and is known as the Master of Disaster. Bob’s company provides the IT support to SWMedia and he is an expert on Backup, Disaster, Recovery planning. Bob is a regular contributor to our Asian Journal newspaper and we are pleased to have him speak at this event.
At EYE 2014 Bob will be talking about what small business must have in place to guarantee a fast, easy and painless recovery of their data after a disaster.







Jeff Stark of QR Mobile Marketing
JeffJeff Stark is the President of QR Mobile Marketing and is an expert in helping businesses understand the value of Mobile Media Marketing. Jeff has a great understanding of this new marketing medium, what it takes to make it work, and has a remarkable vision of the future of this incredible technology.
At EYE 2014 Jeff will be talking about 3 most important mobile marketing tools business should adapt immediately to generate more sales, more leads and more new customers.

Register to attend by connecting with Bob at EYE2014@CascadiaSystemsGroup.com, or give us a call – 604.270.1730, and we’ll take care of the registration for you.
Your comments are appreciated – ComputerCents@CascadiaSystemsGroup.com