unnamed google_appsNew York:  Social networking website Facebook is the most used app, but Google apps dominate the top 10 slots when it comes to selecting from over two million apps available in the Apple and Google stores.

Topping the app list is Facebook, being used by 115 million people monthly while Google-owned YouTube comes second with 83.4 million users, said a new study from ComScore, a US internet analytics company.

It also found that people spend more time with apps than with websites.

In third place is the Google Play app – the place for Android users to get new apps, with 72 million users monthly.

At fourth place is Google search app with 70 million users.

The personalised online radio service Pandora, with 69 million listeners, makes it tio the fifth place, the findings showed.

At sixth place is Google Maps with 64.5 million monthly users navigating their way around.

Gmail is at seventh place, with 60 million users.

While Facebook-owned photo sharing app Instagram with 46.6 million users monthly comes eighth, Apple Maps and Yahoo Finance app take the two bottom slots in the list, ComScore said.