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RCMP has issued an alert about fraudulent callers who pose as RCMP officers

G N Panesar

Surrey: A surrey woman received a phone call whose caller posed as a RCMP officer and asked her to pay $1786 or face arrest. He asked her to pay the amount right away to the team of RCMP and Canada Revenue agency who could visit to collect the amount from her home. In addition, ‘the officer’ suggested woman to pay the ‘outstanding tax’ otherwise it will cost her dear to hire a lawyer to battle legal suit.

The woman who received the call, on the term of anonymity (referred in the news report as Ms. X), told Asian Journal that first she was stunned but later she understood that this is a fraudulent call and felt that this must not be an act of RCMP.

She recorded the conversation when she judged some fraudulent called her as fake RCMP officer. As per recorded conversation listened to by this reporter the caller told her, “Madam, I am transferring your call to my senior who is holding your file.” She asked him to repeat what he said and what is purpose of his call. He again said, “I am transferring your call to my senior who is holding your file and there is a legal complaint filed against you and your social insurance number. Let me transfer this call to my senior officer, please

hold on.”

And after the call was transferred, the other person said, “I am Tom.”  He introduced himself as Chief Investigative officer with RCMP division D, working for last 14 years with the force.  He told Ms. X that the reason of the call is to notify her regarding a legal case filed against her and her Social Insurance number. He said I need to ask you one thing before I proceed

further on this case  file that did she get any legal documentation or paper work from local court house or provincial police? She replied “no, not yet.”

The ‘RCMP officer’ said it is not possible but whatever it is I will provide you the information what this matter is all about.

He further added, “This line has been federally recorded and monitored by more than three attorneys of the court house and they are listening to our conversation. We are more than happy to answer all of your queries but once after I finished my part.”

He continued talking and told her that he has an affidavit which states that there are 3 serious allegations has been charged against her:

1. Violation of federal banking regulation.

2. Theft by deception.

3. Breach of contract with revenue department of Canada.


He further elaborated that these three allegations are under presumption for criminal and masterminding. He said her arrest warrant has been issued by the Canadian Marshal services for the tax fraud as she had not paid the province tax in 2011 and 2012. He further added, that the Governor General of British Columbia has gone through her case file very deeply and came to know that she is not holding any criminal records in Canada and has not been arrested in the past, that is why Canadian Govt. is willing to help you by giving her two options:

1. “You can take this matter to the court and you can fight a legal case against the Revenue Canada. If found guilty in the court you could be liable to pay more than $45,000.Alongside you can face up to 17 months.”

2. “You can pay the outstanding amount due to the revenue department and you can resolve this case outside the court house. Once the amount will be cleared in full the charges and allegations will be dropped against you and no further proceedings will take place.” he said.

The posed officer asked her that what she wants to decide from these two options and explained it as final intimation call before legal case initiated against her.  She asked that she never received any legal notice or any letters from the Revenue Canada regarding this. ‘The officer’ said it is not our concern, but the Revenue department sent her legal notice 3 times. And explained her in threatening manner that as per Canadian law automatically your arrest warrants are issued under section 31 chapter 90.

She exclaimed that it is unusual Revenue Canada call people like this. Then he replied I am not calling you from Revenue Canada. I am calling you from RCMP division D. She asked what would you suggest what should I do? The caller said I can’t suggest you anything as it is federally recorded line Ms. X. I had given you two options and choice is yours. You can fight a legal case or you can pay the outstanding amount. She replied I would like to pay the outstanding amount.

The so called officer told her that a tax officer and one RCMP officer will come to her address within 1-2 hours or at a time that suits her to collect the payment. After that the team of officers will sit with her and will give her a 22 pages resolution and they will explain how she can avoid  making this mistake again. He then asked her to keep $1786 ready and the officers will pick the money. He then asked do you have this amount with you right now to which she replied she only has $500 cash, then the caller asked her to pay via credit card. At the end she hung up the line saying RCMP could never call Canadians like that. The callers did not seem to be aware of Canadian official terminology.

The RCMP has issued an alert on April1 and warned public of fraudulent telephone calls in which the caller identifies themselves as an RCMP officer calling to collect fines or income taxes or a variety of other scam tactics. The callers inform the victims must pay immediately or will be arrested within 24 hours. In most cases, the number for RCMP National Headquarters General Inquiries line – 613-993-7267 appears on the victim’s call display.

The alert conveys:

• Be aware: the RCMP does not contact individuals for the purpose of collecting fines or taxes and NEVER asks the public to make a payment over the telephone.

• Anyone who receives a call from someone alleging to be a police officer collecting fines or taxes should hang up immediately and contact their local police, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (Toll free 1-888-495-8501).

RCMP appeals public to recognize the fraud and report it to stop it. And Asian Journal also appeals you to please report to police if you received such a fraudulent call to save community from the frauds.