MISSING: Justin Trudeau Photo by Chandra Bodalia


FEDERAL Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was a no-show at the his party’s major convention in Whistler last weekend, upsetting many who went there just to see and meet the person they hope will be the next prime minister.
“I think Trudeau knows that the provinces that matter are Ontario and Quebec. That’s why he didn’t bother about B.C.,” one party faithful complained to me.
When I contacted the Liberal Party’s media relations team in Ottawa about this, Andree-Lyne Halle, Communications Manager, emailed me the following response:
“Mr. Trudeau has a strong commitment to BC, he has lived there, he has worked there. He has been to BC on numerous occasions in the past 12 months, especially during the summer where he toured the province.
“However, his schedule would not permit for him to go to the BC convention in Whistler this past weekend. The liberal caucus was well represented at this convention and it was the most well attended AGM for the BC wing in nearly a decade. Mr. Trudeau will be back in BC next month.”
What was more important than this convention for Trudeau was not mentioned.
An email from the party to potential attendees said: “We are just days away from what might be the BIGGEST LIBERAL EVENT IN BC that will happen between now and the next election.  It looks like more than 600 Liberals from across the country will be gathering for 2013 Biennial Convention, From Sea to Sky: Hope and Hard Work in Whistler.” [Capitalization mine.]
The email added: “Join us at the Red Tie Gala with Dominic Leblanc featuring the Lost Footage: Battle Trudeau.”
A link to the party’s website was included. The website stated: “We are honoured to have Liberal House Leader, the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc as our special guest speaker. Mr. LeBlanc will be joining his colleagues on stage to tell us about the state of the Party and how we plan to win in 2015
“Beyond our special guest speaker you will have the opportunity to be among the very first to view the lost footage of Pierre Trudeau titled: Battle Trudeau.
“While cleaning out the BC office staff stumbled upon an old 35mm film reel, it sat untouched for many years.  It has finally been digitized for historical archiving and you have the remarkable opportunity to be among the very first to view it. It starts with 7 clear words “Can the media please leave the room” and is a frank speech by Pierre Trudeau of the challenges the Party faced then.”
Perhaps, that film was supposed to mollify British Columbians for the absence of the Crown Prince!