TIM Uppal, Minister of State for Multiculturalism rose in the House of Commons on Thursday to highlight the Conservative Government’s actions to combat serious drug crimes in Canada and to denounce the Liberal and the NDP show of support for a convicted drug dealer.
On October 30, Liberal MP Wayne Easter and NDP MP Libby Davies met with convicted drug dealer Marc Emery, who is serving a serious sentence in the United States for selling drugs online, where anyone, including children, can access them. In response, MP Wai Young asked Uppal what the Conservative Government is doing to keep criminals off the street and our families safe.
“Our Conservative Government has increased sentences for serious drug crimes, such as selling drugs near schools. We have been clear that drug dealers will face the full force of the law,” Uppal responded. “Unlike the Leader of the Liberal Party [Justin Trudeau], whose only policy is supporting the drug trade, we will focus our efforts on standing up for victims and keeping our streets and communities safe.”
Uppal said that the Conservative Government will continue to fight crime and protect Canadians so that our communities are safe places for people to live, raise their families and do business.