Deepak JayakarDuring last month I received many mails requesting me to write about feng shui of the bedroom. The bedroom is one of the rooms you relish most. Sleep is essential in order to be healthy — physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sleep influences your performance, mental focus, productivity and skill. In order to revitalize during sleep you must surround yourself with healthy, re-vitalizing and nourishing energy.

Since connecting with yourself and your partner is a priority, a supportive environment that assures well-being, comfort and privacy is optimal. Be sure that there is no clutter, in, around and under your bed. For sound sleep keep minimum number of books near your bedside. Remove work projects, accounting papers and bills. If you are one of those people who store work papers, bills or files in bedroom, stop doing that. Your sleep will be more peaceful because work and finances will not plague you during the night.

feng shui 7Bedroom décor should be soft, warm, inviting and graceful. Silk or satin bedding enhances serenity because it calms the energy. For texture you can use sheer, damask or lace curtains. To bring in colors, accent the room with rugs, linen, pottery, art and picture frames. Soft and soothing colors belong to the bedroom. If you prefer warmer colors, stick to the earth tones. If you prefer cool colors go with greens, blues and lavender. Blues calm, pinks and peaches invite love and romance, accent of red, maroon, burgundy and pomegranate bring excitement and passion. Avoid wavy shapes and water features in decor, as it creates instability in the energy fields. Likewise, I recommend not having a fireplace in the bedroom. Fire is too hot and too chaotic for the bedroom, making the relationship unstable. Position your dressing mirror in such a way that your bed is not directly reflected in the mirror. Furniture made from natural materials works well in the bedroom. Wood such as pine, oak, teak deliver earth’s energy. However, avoid plants in the bedroom. To recycle the air and energy, keep windows open for some time to allow fresh air to come in.

The proper placement of the bed is very important as it offers you strength and protection. Locating the bed in correct area of the room will improve your overall health and progress. The best position for the bed is in the back corner of the room diagonally opposite the door. This provides you the grounding and power because of the solid wall behind the bed and the expanded view of the room and door. Avoid placing bed against the window, as it brings financial insecurity in life. Placing the bed diagonal is also equally dangerous. A bed that is place in direct line with the door is very harmful as it is always targeted by fast moving energy. The headboard represents stability and support. Solid wood headboards are the best, since they are heavy and bring in the healing energy of trees. Make use of rounded edges and corners in bedroom furniture. A lamp, that shines light towards the ceiling, in the corner, works well to fill the empty space and avoids energy to get stagnate and stale. Lights with dimming effect are wonderful for contemplation, romance and relaxation. Do not hang ceiling fans above where your upper body rests, instead hang them closer to the foot of your bed. Avoid exposed beams, overhung cabinets and soffits in the ceiling, as they generate oppressive energy.

Computers, treadmills, television, VCR radiate electromagnetic waves, are detrimental to health, fertility and serene sleep. For good feng shui, remove all electronic items from bedroom. If you wish to have TV and VCR in the bedroom, make sure that you have those in an enclosed cabinet while you sleep. A painting or photograph that inspires or motivates you, of lush landscape or your favorite vacation and reminds you of wonderful times in your life should be displayed in such a way that it is visible from all angles.


When the honeymoon is over and two people start staying together as husband and wife, things can sometimes go horribly wrong. Quarrels and misunderstandings start to cause rift and unhappiness. If you suddenly experience problems in your relationship after a major redecoration or soon after you moved into a new house, you might suspect that something has gone wrong with the feng shui of your bedroom or home. If the feng shui is unsuitable, even the best marriages can undergo stress, even though both partners are compatible. There are some standard feng shui guidelines that ensure that relations do not come under more stress.

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