Islamabad: Three people were taken into custody when a team from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) raided a motor workshop where ordinary vehicles were being bullet-proofed.
According to an FIA official, the workshop was operated by a private company. “At the time of the raid, there were two vehicles – an SUV and a 4×4 truck – which were being converted into bullet-proof vehicles,” he said.
Inam Ghani, director at FIA, said that the workshop was discovered when the Ministry of Interior received an application from a complainant in Karachi, asking to verify a no-objection certificate (NoC) he had obtained for acquiring a bullet proof vehicle.
“The NoC sent in by the complainant turned out to be fake, so an inquiry was ordered. A Karachi-based corporation was identified as the source of the forgery and FIA arrested the company’s owner, his son and the company’s general manager,” Ghani said.