Bold Innovation!


Fight for beautyOriginality is a hallmark of visionaries. Being able to blend old and new and include a whole new array of otherwise unrelated disciplines takes a certain knack. Visionary developer Westbank smartly shows a unique vision of substance and form and imagination with their new exhibit Fight for Beauty. Well worthy your time to take in this transformation exhibit plays at the Plaza Pavillion beside the Pacific Rim Hotel by Canada Place in the heart of the downtown Peninsula. Besides being novel and unique yet so simple in its arrangement this dazzling exhibition is absolutely free to attend. And unlike most stuffy museums and art halls this facility encourages, yes encourages photography. Imagine that! But what else would you expect from team leader Ian Gillespie whose fondness for Vancouver and urge to stretch those artistic vibes truly knows no bounds.

Full of unique one of a kind art that symbolizes a zest for reaching out and testing limits these showstoppers perfectly symbolize and connect  a series of buildings that this new age developer has unleashed on Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle and beyond. Explore the models and photos of some one of a kind marvels of architecture – many of which benefit from home grown talent like Gregory Henriquez and the late great Bing Thom. Get the inside scoop of how some of these structures came into being and the struggles at times to get municipal approvals and neighbourhood support. Showcase pieces of the beauty of architecture can be seen with the Telus Garden Development and trending Oakridge realignment not to mention the impressive Woodwards renovation that has proved a boon to the beckoning downtown east end.

You want art? Ask and ye shall achieve. Highlights of this exhibit include a butterfly shaped piano by some cool cat master carver called Fazioli that looks ready to take flight. And let’s not forget the newest addition to Vancouver’s skyline – or is that it’s underbelly? Plans are well underway for a spinning chandler set to debut below the bowels of the Granville Street Bridge by dream maker Rodney Graham. Talk about a showstopper and head turner whether being viewed while on the water or lazing on a balcony or through a neighbourhood window, while taking a stroll or gliding on a bike or out for a car jaunt.

And if this isn’t enough to make your day and be proud of our locally designed buildings and creators you can further whet your appetite as a dazzling display of haute couture one of a kind dresses showcased under glass beckons you in. What you might say do a few hanging dresses have to do with some models of buildings or photos of structures. Everything In the eyes of curator Ian Gillespie. You see both are works of art, take time to design and execute and above all else embody a sense of creative energy, imagination and freedom. This is the vision for a society living in harmony with a sense of purpose and passion. Fight for Beauty says it all and is a wonderful testament for the value of trying new things, taking chances and good old-fashioned hard work.

So take a chance to see true beauty at its best. Unfiltered, uncanny and upbeat. Vancouver never looked and felt so good. For more information go to