Bob Milliken

When we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we have to acknowledge Google Search as the giant in the room. With over 2.3 million searches happening every day they simply cannot be ignored. You want to standout and get found in the midst of all this traffic. This is where SEO can be your new best friend.

Last week we spoke of On-Page SEO, this week we are going to focus on the other side of that process – Off-Page SEO.

Off-page SEO are techniques that you use away from your website to attract the search engines. Using Off-page SEO and the right tactics can help build your brand, build connections with your audience, and send traffic to your website.

  • Social media platforms – Using the platforms your audience uses can gain you some respected backlinks to your website
  • Discussion participation – Commenting intelligently on discussion boards, forums, blog posts, and on social media
  • Guests blogging and writing – Submitting original and unique blog posts and articles to high-ranking authoritative websites and blogs
  • Branding – Your branding should be consistent with all things you do on and offline
  • Trusted directories -. According to Moz Research (, web directories and local citations still appear to be a ranking factor– especially for local business.
  • Apps – Offering your customers an app is another way to get them to come back to your site
  • Press releases – Sending out press releases is a legitimate way to get attention and links
  • Speaking – Whether it’s in person, in public, or on an online show, it’s a great way to build your brand
  • Q & A sites – Getting a link back to your site by answering questions about your niche can make you an authority
  • Video marketing – Using video through Facebook Live,, YouTube and other mediums to spread awareness
  • Email marketing– Email marketing is not dead! Use your list to promote your brand and services
  • Influencer marketing – Using popular influencers to talk about your products and services

These are but a few of the myriad of things you can do off page to enhance awareness and improve your image to customers and search engines. The more authoritative inbound links that go to your website, the better you look to not only the search engines but also to users.


Paying close attention to these Off-Page SEO tactics will improve your traffic, get you more clicks, conversions and sales. We use our 7 step SEO builder to attract the search bots and get premium search rankings.

I recognize setting up and maintaining SEO is not everyone’s most popular activity and yes, it can get complex. Having said that, in less than the time it takes you to get started, we can quick start your SEO and get quality leads flowing through your sales funnel.

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