Bob Milliken

If you have been following along over the past few weeks you should by now be seeing improvements to your search engine rankings. If not, be patient and continue to follow along.

When we talk about SEO, we recognize Google Search as the giant in the room. With over 2 trillion searches happening every year, 100 billion per month, and 2.3 million per day, they cannot be ignored. Google’s job is to deliver quality information to their audience, and they’re very good at it.

You want to standout and get found in the midst of all this traffic. But to do that you must be visible. Fortunately, visibility is possible by using good SEO practices.

In the online world, there are two types of SEO: On-page and Off-page. The topic today is On-page SEO.

In a nutshell, On-page, SEO consists of anything you do on your website to help search engines differentiate between important content and unimportant content. Things like the content itself, how you format the content, the titles you give the content, and more, all matter.

On page SEO is a way to make your site more accessible, usable, and findable. There are many ways to use SEO tactics to help the search engines find the content that your audience is looking for. These same tactics will also make the website more attractive to users. And that’s what we want – right?

Here are the main factors affecting On-page SEO.

  • Page content – All the content on your page and keywords
  • Page and content formatting – How you format the content
  • Smart URLs – Choosing the right URL structure
  • Internal linking – How and what you link to within your site, internally
  • Image alt text – The description within the alt text of all images
  • Navigation – How users navigate your site and allow search engines to crawl your site
  • Meta descriptions – How each page is described in the meta description
  • Keyword density – This describes the ratio of keywords to other content
  • Site map – Helps search engines index your site and (if public) helps users find things
  • Site speed – How fast your site loads each page that your audience clicks on
  • Usability and accessibility – How easily your users understand and use your site

Paying close attention to these On-page SEO tactics will improve your traffic, get you more clicks, conversions and sales.


Of course, marketing isn’t just a single silver bullet (don’t we wish), but one of many bullets all working in concert. We use our 7 step SEO builder to attract the search bots and get premium search rankings.

I recognize setting up and maintaining SEO is not everyone’s most popular activity and yes, it can get complex. Having said that, in less than the time it takes you to get started, we can quick start your SEO and get quality leads flowing through your funnel.

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