KamilliaSurrey is Home of some of the best restaurants and in surrounding areas. The main draw for of Indian restaurants is undoubtedly the quality of food, Indian food like Chinese is appealing since one can’t eat plenty for about as much as good bottle of wine at an upscale restaurant. Judging by the eclectic crowd at a recent visit to Kohinoor Sweets and Restaurant, I got the impression Indian food also appeals to adventurous diners.

Tucked away at the corner of 84 and 128th Street in Surrey, customers in this restaurant is presented with a range of regional Indian dishes with modern influences, considerable care is taken by the owner and chefs and their team to ensure that traditional flavors remain central to each dish.  To set off consider whether you would like to sit and eat or have the food ready to go, most people when I was there during lunch time, customers preferred to have the food packed and to go.

Kohinoor 1The décor at Kohinoor is a true synthesis of the complex and colorful and the simple and the elegant, its ambience often leaves the dinners as another Indian restaurant, like they say never judge the book by the color, and this is one of the best Indian restaurant by every imagination.

If there is one cuisine that’s difficult to critique, it’s Indian.  Not only does the style of food very from region to region on the vast subcontinent, but also it varieties from restaurant to restaurant. Flavoring is based on people preferences. The Indian cook who have over 25 years of experience and who started his career in Bombay and later moved to Germany before arriving to Canada is well trained in Indian cuisine.

When I walked in on a Monday during lunch time, it wasn’t that busy, their rush hour was coming to an end, I was seated by the door and I ordered Malai Chicken with naan, as I was planning to go out for a big dinner in the evening. The food arrived piping hot from the kitchen and Malai chicken was so flavorful that your taste buds will never stop eating even though you are full and the naan is the softest naan I had ever eaten, very soft and evenly cooked, the food is innovative, freshly prepared and with a clean fresh taste, as you tell. This is the best chicken dish I had in a long time, the spices that I was craving for. In summary this is an excellent place with great food, great service and above all will be treated like a royalty.

When asked what their specialty dishes are, Sunny replied “We have many dishes that are special to our customers, they are butter chicken, Fish curry, fish pakoras and our goat curry, these are the dishes that once people will eat they will keep coming back for it again and again.

They have a banquet hall upstairs which seats up to 50 people, so if you are planning for a birthday party or anniversary, this would be a perfect place for the celebration. You can eat in, take out and they also do catering for all occasion. Open for lunch and dinner from 11am to 9:30pm 6 days a week and on Tuesday they are open from 1 until 9:30pm. Kohinoor Sweets and Restaurant is located at 101-12889-84th Avenue in Surrey, for reservation, catering or take out call 778-566-3557.

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