Lonely Hearts!

forever my girlNine out of ten times when are better than men when it comes to romance. That at least is my humble experience. So, it’s no surprise that Elevation Pictures rose to the occasion as director Bethany Ashton Wolf seals the deal with light-hearted romantic lark Forever My Girl. Timing may have been better to release this lost in love saga closer to cupid’s big day next month. Still ladies (and their prospective beaus) are advised to make a date at any Cineplex Cinemas around B.C. To see a dating dilemma with untold consequences.

Small town U.S.A., located in Louisiana to be more precise makes just the perfect setting for a love story for the ages. Well, maybe not quite. Local boy who made good Liam Page has always had a thing for likeable Josie. Both Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe need to navigate some very tricky waters.

This couple seemed destined for a good life. Unforeseen circumstances drive a big stake through each other’s hearts as well as the entire community when some cold feet turn into hot water for this pair if lost in love fools. Place yourself in both their shoes and who knows how one would react. Fast forward some eight years as the pair reunite under troubling circumstances.

Well acted with a dependable supporting cast Forever My Girl effectively shows the strains of relationships as well as the importance of family and friends. Sure, we’ve seen these romantic tug of wars countless times and this story is just a run of the mill Hallmark type presentation. Good singing and a nice country music backdrop give the film more momentum and these is both a sense of believability courtesy of a well thought out thought somewhat familiar script.