Dr. Holly

By Dr. HOlly
“The act of doing what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it.” – Doug Grady

Dr. Holly
Dr. Holly

1) Some people live their lives by the “Pleasure Principle” – when something comes along that they want to enjoy, they stop what they promised to do and follow the pleasure principle. Some people recognize the “Pleasure Principle” as a 5 yr old mentality. Some simply recognize it as a lack of integrity. For some people, this plays out in their marriage, for others in the business life, for others in their social life. If you say you are going to do something, whether that be on the job, in your social life, or in your marriage, DO IT. Otherwise, people lose faith and trust in anything you say.

2) Before you commit to a new program, a new habit, a new discipline, any new way of doing something, be aware of the roadblocks that you tend to create for yourself. What excuses do you tend to use; what types of procrastination do you tend to evoke; how do you tend to prioritize your time; etc. Know yourself so that you can work with yourself, rather than against yourself.

3) You no longer operate with the “Pleasure Principle” of level one. You have left behind the need to do something because you committed to it. Now everything you do is a benefit, a pleasure. Your choices are positive and powerful. You do your meditation, workout, writing, business activities because they have become a lifestyle, not something you struggle to achieve. You do them because they are part of who you are and you are enjoying the journey. This is typically when people experience the passion and purpose in life and see their own progress.

4) Always have your next “Bucket List” ready. Know that when you have finished achieving your goals, commitments, achievements, you are ready to create the next set. A life that is lived with conscious purpose and intent, creates the passion which provokes achievement. Here’s to living your life to the fullest.

Here’s to your health!
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